Local pop star Michael Lowman is doing things a little differently on his new album. Not only has he decided to release this completely independent from a record label, but he also took a different and incredibly creative approach when it came to creating the album – he sang, wrote, produced, recorded and played all the instruments on the record. Michael is extremely talented – and he’s ready to show all his skills off.

“I’ve worked incredibly hard since I first picked up my dad’s old acoustic guitar ten years ago. I taught myself how to play the instrument, how to write a song – and how to fail at sounding like John Mayer,” Michael tells me. “I’ve reached a point in my development as a musician and songwriter where I am more than capable of doing it all. This album was my first attempt at taking control of the recording and production side of things. I’ve always written my own stuff, but this was a step further.”

Luckily for Michael, however, this wasn’t a lonely process. The record includes a variety of exciting collaborations on the vocal front and the star also had assistance from a good friend of his behind the scenes. “I was incredibly lucky to have my good friend Howie Combrink by my side throughout it all,” Michael said. “I’ve learnt so much from him. This album would not have been as defining a moment for me, if not for his genius production guidance.”

Although PopRadio is only scheduled for a March 2017 release, the star has already started developing major interest around the record. In fact, the album’s lead single ‘Mixtape’ featuring Karlien Van Jaarsveld is burning up local radio charts at the moment and continues to rise with every passing week. Michael also has a few shows coming up this month which will be the last time you will be able to catch him live for a while. However, Michael has a few surprises up his sleeve ahead of the album’s official release. “I have so much in store for you all – a brand new live show, exclusive listening sessions ahead of the album’s release, the launch of a series of unique PopRadio illustrations designed by the super talented Nena Maree, a new Podcast show I’m launching soon covering music, gaming, whisky and pretty much anything else I find interesting. The show will feature special guests and friends on each episode and it’s something I’m very excited about.” In the meantime, get your copy of Michael’s new single ‘Mixtape’ and look out for the track’s official music video which launches soon.

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