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Review: Bruno Mars - 24K Magic
3.0Overall Score

It’s no secret that Bruno Mars has one of the biggest tracks in the world right now with ’24K Magic’, and four years after dropping ‘Unorthodox Jukebox’, Bruno Mars is back with his third studio album, aptly titled after the record’s lead single.

There is this charisma around Bruno Mars that instantly draws the audience to his music. Vocally, the star has one of the most versatile and impressive voices in music right now, so it’s no surprise the world is obsessed with the star. On ’24K Magic’, Bruno puts this on full display. He’s oozes confidence on tracks like ’24K Magic’ and ‘Chunky’ while really showing off his vocal range on the ballad ‘Versace On The Floor’.

Sonically, Bruno almost throws us back to the nineties on this record while still releasing a record that is perfectly relevant in 2016. Over the years, the R&B and soul sound has delivered his greatest hits to date so it’s no surprise that this is the sound he opted to explore on ’24K Magic’. While Bruno gives his fans the album they were hoping for, he doesn’t play around musically which is a bit disappointing.

The album also misses the big pop element that made Bruno’s ‘Uptown Funk’ and ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ so popular. While the tracks on the album are undoubtedly fantastic, the sing-a-long element is clearly missing on this album as the star relives the nineties era that clearly influenced him. Although ’24K Magic’ is a radio smash, I’m not sure there are other singles on the record that will be able to match its success. Another thing that I’m really disappointed in is the length of the album. There are just nine tracks and is lasts just over half an hour. After a four-year absence, I expected a little more from Bruno. As soon as I started getting into the record, it ended.

Overall, Bruno dropped another spectacular album – but it’s not without its flaws. Every Bruno fan will fall in love with this record, but I don’t think ’24K Magic’ will be the iconic record Bruno was hoping for.

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