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Review: Gangs of Ballet - Form & Function (Part 2)
4.0Overall Score

Gangs of Ballet has never been a band that plays by the rules. So, it wasn’t much of a surprise when they announced that they won’t be releasing a traditional album and will instead release ‘Form & Function’ as a three-part EP series. The first EP dropped last year and now, the group has just released the second installation of the project – and it includes their new smash hit ‘Someday’.

The band has released a collection of songs that feels like a true representation of them. Although the album is predominantly a pop record, the band has added elements of rock, indie, electronic and African elements and have done a whole lot of sonic experimentation this time around. The tracks show the band’s growth since the previous installment in the franchise and are current, impressive and each have the potential to become radio hits.

While the band are fantastic performers, instrumentalists and singers, it’s their songwriting which really elevates their music. It’s not easy writing a hit song, but the band has spent a lot of time ensuring this element of the album is perfect. The band didn’t place a lot of pressure on themselves to finish a full album. They had six songs to perfect in a year and allowed them to give each track the attention it deserves. I wish more artists would do this because it really does make a difference to the music.

Brad Klynsmith, the band’s lead singer, has really learned how to use his instrument – and he lets it take control of the album. From pop bangers to ballads, Brad smashes it. Emotion is found in every single note and it’s clear that making music is not only a passion for him – but the only way he knows to live life.

The group has released yet another collection of fantastic tracks solidifying their status as one of South Africa’s greatest bands. Although only six tracks long, this chapter of their ‘Form & Function’ is their best yet – and there’s more music from the group coming next year!

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