Vusi Nova is doing phenomenal things at the moment. His beautiful, soulful voice and meaningful, emotional music has made him a phenomenon around the country and the proof is in his new album ‘Naninina’. The album has been selling like hot cakes and this week, I sit down with the singer as he gives me an inside look at his new album, his new hit single ‘Thandiwe’ and what the future holds for him.

Your new album has been met with such a positive response. Was there pressure to create an album that mirrored the brilliance of your previous two albums?

There’s always pressure. I do believe, however, it is this pressure that makes me do my best. I want to work harder and make better music with each release so I am glad the response has been so positive.

How different is your new album ‘Naninina’ from the other albums?

This is a very personal album for me. I underwent a regrowth or a rebirth of sorts which shines through in the album. Also I sing entirely in Xhosa on the album which I think sets me apart.

Thandiwe is a beautiful track. What inspired the song?

Love. I thought that I had found the one in Thandiwe, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. That being said, I believe that my Thandiwe is still out there.

Why do you think the song has been getting such a fantastic reaction from the public?

Almost everyone who has had a first love has gone through this experience. Anyone who has gone through heartbreak and people who truly listen to the lyrics can all associate with the song. It’s a song that people are able to relate to and I believe that’s what sparked the positive response.

What do you think it is about your music that sets you apart?

I believe music used to be really emotional, authentic and more soulful. It had heart wrenching melodies and powerful lyrics about heartbreak and love. On this album I strived to do just that. I was going through a lot emotionally and the new engineer I worked with was able to bring forward all that hidden and suppressed emotions I was going through at the time. 90% of this album was recorded live and the combination of live instruments and my voice, my emotions came together really beautifully. This is a very personal album where I am able to reflect on and go through different emotions and that’s what sets me apart.

You opened up about your drug abuse earlier this year. What prompted you to speak out about such a personal battle?

Simply because I have been keeping all these things to myself for the longest time. I felt that in order to grow I needed to release this secret and when I did; I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. This was part of my growing and healing process.

What advice do you have for the many young people looking to get into the entertainment scene?

Look out for temptation and, from experience, stay away from drugs. If you want to succeed, education, hard work and focus will get you there.

What do the next few months hold for you?

I will definitely be spending a lot of time promoting the new album. I will be touring a lot and have a few performances planned in my home province of the Eastern Cape. Oh, I will also be doing some meet and greets at Musica stores around the country.

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