The December holidays are here and if there’s one local act that you need to see live this month, it’s GOODLUCK. The band has just released their third studio album ‘The Nature Within’ which includes the smash hits ‘Back In The Day’, ‘Find Me In The Forest’ and ‘Thinking About You’ – and it screams summer. This time around, they took a different approach when it came to creating the album and geared it to a more universal audience while still staying true to the African elements that inspire them.

“Our biggest achievement of 2016 was definitely our new album ‘The Nature Within’. Each and every note, every word and each and every beat was imagined, second-guessed, felt, loved and then sent to you from our hearts to your ears,” the band said on their new album. In a new clip, the group showcase what inspired each of the tracks on the record while aligning their sound to a more international audience. Take a look:

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