2016 has been pretty great for local dance sensation TiMO ODV. He dropped his debut EP ‘Origins’, released hits such as ‘Make You Love Me’ featuring Ryki and ‘I Need You’ and has gotten a very positive response to his music and live performances. However, before the year commences, the producer/singer has dropped ‘Dancing Again’ as the next single off ‘Origins’ – and it’s his darkest track yet.

Honestly, ‘Dancing Again’, isn’t my favourite track off the EP but there’s definitely something special about it. TiMO reveals that the song wasn’t necessarily meant to be a single but rather an introduction to the EP (hence the dark, edgy sound) but the song has been incredibly well-received and pushed boundaries when it started playing on radio stations across the country – something the producer didn’t expect to happen. TiMO adds a dark vocal to the edgy production which is bound to set clubs alight this festive season. The singer has found a niche and is owning it. Not only has he created a sound of his very own, but he is owning the electronic music space locally – something rare for an artist with only one EP to his name. I admire his boldness, bravery and artistic vision when it comes to his music and this song is exactly why.

TiMO ODV also dropped an epic video to the track recently which compliments the song well. The location for the shoot was the middle of the Johannesburg CBD and lasted around 12 hours until 6AM, shooting through the night to capture the beauty of Jozi at night, with the final shots taking place when the sun was already coming up. The video is also one of the first in the country to use a full 360 degree video rig. “I would describe the video as being dark and edgy, the perfect fit to the song. We made sure to include a DJ scene in the video, since the song is about me breaking away from being known as a singer and showcasing my producer side,” the singer tells us. “The video also features a lot of interesting looking people. I am super happy with the end result; it shows me doing exactly what I want without caring about others’ expectations.”

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