After releasing his smash hit ‘All Time Low’, I have fallen in love with Jon Bellion. He seems to be a very complex guy and artists and this is evident on his debut album ‘The Human Condition’. After the success of ‘All Time Low’, the singer teams up with rapper Travis Mendes on the next single off the record – ‘Guillotine’.

Much like ‘All Time Low’, there are many layers to the song. The track starts off as a ballad and easily captures every ear that happens to stumble upon it. Jon’s vocals are on point and he manages to show off his incredible talent on the track. However, mid-chorus, a risk many artists would never dream to do, Jon flips things up and gives the ballad a dance beat which changes the entire face of the song. So, as you can imagine, the song is incredibly artistic, bizarre and reckless – but the risk paid off. The song is out of the ordinary and unlike anything you’d hear on radio at the moment while still projecting a commercial pop sound. It’s this mix that has made Jon one of the most exciting new artists in music at the moment – and ‘Guillotine’ proves it.

Jon admits that the song was the most challenging one on his debut album. “Honestly, I wrote about six or seven songs to that beat until I liked, finally, the “Guillotine” concept to it and that approach,” he says. The song is the perfect follow-up to ‘All Time Low’ and I’m really excited that the singer has chosen this as his next album. Keep your eyes and ears on Jon Bellion, folks. He’s going to be one of the biggest pop stars in the world. Mark my words.

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