There have been many international circus acts that have descended on our shores. In fact, Cirque Eloize ID has just finished its run at Montecasino’s Teatro theatre. However, after walking out of the show, I was convinced I had seen it all. However, just a few short days later, The Great Moscow Circus premiered at the popular entertainment destination – and I was hooked all over again!

There are many things The Great Moscow Circus does right which is why it has cemented itself as one of the greatest travelling circus shows in the world. The Great Moscow Circus’ Mighty Big Top is exceptional and is the first thing that really brings the circus feel to the audience. So many shows are held in theatres these days but The Great Moscow Circus travels with its massive big top tent and is set up like the circus was back in the day. As soon as you walk in to the tent, you are transported into a different world and for the next two and a half hours, you are entertained like you’ve never been entertained before.

Much like the mighty big top, the acts at The Great Moscow Circus are some of the classic acts you expect to see at a circus – but with a twist. There are clowns, epic trampoline acts, trapeze artists, jugglers, quick-change transformations and a whole lot more. The show is strung together by a ringleader that manages to keep the audience at the palm of his hands throughout the entire show. What is really impressive is that throughout the change-overs between the acts (some of them need a bit of time to dismantle and set up), the ringmaster and his clown keep your attention and make the process so much fun.

The acts are often incredibly risky and my blood pressure was boiling at a number of points – especially during the Double Giant Wheel and the Globe of Death – the show’s big finale. Five daredevils on motorcycles are put into a steel globe and drive around while managing to avoid each other. The act is incredibly tense but one can’t help but be transfixed by the entire ordeal.

The show is filled with crowd interaction. Throughout the show, entertainers interact with the audience in between and during acts. There are often times when members of the public are called into the middle and are used as parts of skits and it’s something that really sets the show apart. The performers are professionals and deliver perfection with each act. Sure, mistakes may happen but you need to think really hard which mistakes were planned and which were unintentional.

Overall, The Great Moscow Circus is one of the best circus acts to descend on South African shores in a very long time. Everything about the show is perfect and it’s clear a lot of time, effort and money was invested into this production. It is a breath-taking array of talent and a must-watch for any circus fans – no matter what age. The Great Moscow Circus is on at Montecasino until the 14th of January 2017. After it’s Johannesburg run, The Great Moscow Circus heads to Cape Town from the 3rd of February, Bloemfontein from the 16th of February and Port Elizabeth from the 23rd of February. Tickets are from R195 – R595 and are available from Computicket now.

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