Review: Olly Murs - 24 HRS
4.0Overall Score

Olly Murs has been one of the most formidable pop artists of the past decade and is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated artists of our time. Not only is he responsible for hits such as ‘Dance With Me Tonight’, ‘Up’, ‘Dear Darlin’ and many more. The former X-Factor contestant recently released his fourth studio album ’24 HRS’ which shot to the top of the charts. The record includes the hits ‘You Don’t Know Love’, ‘Grow Up’ and ‘Years & Years’ and is yet another spectacular piece of art from the star.

What’s really special about Olly’s music is that he has created a sound of his own – and sticks to it. His music is all about simple beats, guitar riffs and a funky bassline paired with clever songwriting, strong vocals and a catchy chorus. Olly is the full package and delivers perfection on almost every song he releases – especially on this record.

Although staying true to his sound, the growth and experimentation is evident showing off what a talented artist he really is. Songs like ‘Private’ and ’24 HRS’ see the star step out of his comfort zone by adding more of a dance element – which keeps his music interesting.

The three strongpoints on the album are the fantastic songwriting and incredible vocals and the brilliant production. Each song is written exceptionally well and tells the story of his recent break-up rather than being a generic pop track. Vocally, Olly comes from a reality TV background so it’s obvious that his voice is strong. Production-wise, the songs are cleverly crafted and the quality is incredibly high. When these three elements mix, magic truly happens.

Overall, Olly delivered yet another solid release. He is a magnificent pop star and proves he still has a lot to offer with this record. It’s a fantastic piece of work.

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