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Review: OneRepublic - Oh My My
3.0Overall Score

It’s been three years since OneRepublic released an album and the band is back with a bang. They released the hit singles ‘Wherever I Go’ and ‘Kids’ last year which became smash hits for the group and now, the band is back with their fourth studio album ‘Oh My My’.

Lead singer, Ryan Tedder, is a genius. Not only is he a fantastic songwriter for the group but also lends his abilities to countless pop stars around the globe. So, naturally, the lyrical content on ‘Oh My My’ is astounding. The songs are full of heart and emotion and has a lot more depth when compared with other pop tracks charting around the world.

The group have done some experimentation with regards to their sound. They’ve changed things up a bit on tracks like ‘Wherever I Go’, the Peter Gabriel-assisted ‘A.I.’ and the album’s title track ‘Oh My My’ and it’s there where the album shines. However, it seems OneRepublic were too obsessed with ‘switching it up’ that they’ve almost lost their identity. The album sounds more like an album of singles than a record with a theme and a story to tell which is disappointing.

That being said, there are some fantastic songs on the album. Along with the fantastic songwriting, ‘Oh My My’ is produced beautifully and Ryan delivers another strong vocal performance. He uses his vocal ability in a number of ways but shines when he puts his falsetto to full use. It’s crazy to see how much more control he has of his voice since the group burst onto the scene back in 2007 with their smash hit ‘Apologize’. The album also has an international sound and the group have taken sounds that have influenced them from their worldwide travels and incorporated them into the music on this album.

Overall, this is a really confusing album. There are plenty strong tracks to serve as singles which would easily become radio hits. However, the album is an unfocused and almost desperate attempt at being relevant – something OneRepublic shouldn’t ever worry about. Despite this, there are some hidden gems on the record which prove that OneRepublic are one of the most talented groups making music at the moment.

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