Snotkop made a triumphant comeback to the music scene last year with his epic comeback single ‘Cool Soos Koos Kombuis’. Since it’s release, the song has become one of the star’s biggest hits and found itself on many ‘Best of 2016’ lists (even mine which you can read here). However, the song reaches another milestone today as the video has officially been viewed more than a million times on YouTube.

The video, which saw Snotkop work with his idol Koos Kombuis, reached this milestone in just over six months which means that the video was watched around 5,500 times a day! The song catapulted the success of Snotkop’s latest album ‘HKGK’ which, to date, has sold over 26,000 copies – just 4,000 away from platinum status.

Naturally, Snotkop is overwhelmed by the success of the song and is thrilled that people have taken such a liking to it. “Making music is one thing, but when people buy it, take it, and spread like wildfire, the satisfaction is really indescribable,” he says. “My sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to the production of the album and music video, everyone who shared it, everyone who attends my shows and buys my music. A big thank you also goes to Koos Kombuis for his contribution and lifelong inspiration!”

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