If you watched the first episode of The Voice South Africa’s second season last week, you would have seen coach Lira bag the talent that is Luke Lovemore. However, it seems the star has already got some expert tips as he is very friendly with Richard Stirton – the winner of the show’s first series. In fact, the two have even recorded duets together (who would have thought Justin Bieber would be their go to guy?).

Luke recently spoke to Times Live saying that Richard is the reason he entered the competition in the first place. “Richard has been the absolute best!” he told them. “If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have done The Voice South Africa. He called me on the morning of the auditions and basically said that I don’t have a choice,” Luke said.

He continued: “The Voice South Africa has been something magical. It’s taught me so much about the music industry and it’s helped me back myself in knowing that I have what it takes to make a successful music career for myself.”

The two met in Cape Town a few years ago when they were both working at Stardust. in fact, the two even formed a band together for a short while. Luke Lovemore is definitely a contestant I will be keeping my eye on this season.

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