Anatii has cemented himself as one of the leading South African hip-hop artists over the past few years. After releasing many solo singles and collaborating with other established artists, Anatii dropped his debut album ‘ARTIIFACT’ recently. The album features a collaboration with American artist Omarion as well as a variety of local names. This week, we get up close and personal with Anatii as he opens up about his debut album, his smash hit ‘Hours’ and his bromance with Omarion.

Your new album made its debut at number one on the iTunes charts! How, as an artist, does this make you feel?

I’m extremely grateful for my beloved fans that bought the album and made that possible. It’s truly humbling and I’m so thankful everyone is enjoying my music.

Your single ‘Hours’ is fire! What inspired the track?

It’s a love song inspired by modern day relationship scenarios. It’s a special song and I think it’s one which many people can relate to.

Each single off the album is so different from one another. How important is this to you?

It’s very important. All these singles have shown the versatility of my music and artistry and it’s something I am very proud of as an artist. Versatility really pushes an artist creatively and keeps your fans entertained.

Although you’ve been in the music industry for quite some time, ‘ARTIIFACT’ is your debut album. Why the wait?

It’s been a matter of me finding my own voice and having my musical offering being exactly how I wanted to present it. It couldn’t have come at a better time.

The album features a collaboration with Omarion. How did that song come to life?

I was in Los Angeles and a friend of mine took me to Omarion’s studio. I played him some of my music and he was feeling the vibe I was going for. We started playing around in the studio and the rest is history. It’s the next single off my project and the response has been phenomenal. It was great to play the song live to my South African audience when Omarion joined me on tour back in September.

You worked with Talib Kweli as well. What was that experience like?

Working with Talib was great. It was a true honor to work with one of the greatest legends the hip-hop world has ever seen.

What do you think it is about you that sets you apart from other rappers?

I don’t see myself as a rapper. I’m a musical artist – I produce, compose, sing, rap. So I think my overall artistry and who I am sets me apart from others in the business.

Which track off the album means the most to you?

It’s honestly difficult to pick just one as each song means something to me, I go through phases of having certain favorites but it changes. At the moment my favorite is ‘Thanda’.

What do the next few months hold for you?

I’m finishing off some collaborations with a few other artists and will be taking the songs off my new album on the road. Follow me on social media to see when the ARTIIFACT Tour is coming to your town.

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