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Review: Aaron Carter - LøVë (EP)
3.5Overall Score

Believe it or not but it’s been around 17 years since Aaron Carter, brother of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, dropped an album. Last we heard of him he was dominating charts with his rendition of ‘I Want Candy’ and then went MIA – until now. Late last year, the singer reinvented his sound and released his comeback single ‘Fools Gold’. Now, he’s back with a brand new EP – and he’s done a fantastic job.

Aaron started working on the ‘LøVë’ EP before he inked a deal with Sony Music. It was a self-funded project so, naturally, he poured his heart and soul into the EP. After 17 years of silence, his comeback is incredibly important. Music has changed so much since then so Aaron had to reimagine everything from his sound to his look. The singer decided to take a tropical house approach with the project incorporating strong pop influences – and it works.

The singer has a lovely vocal and his talent shines through which makes me wonder why it’s taken him so long to make his comeback. The release of the EP allows the singer to test the waters and get a reaction to his new music something, I think, is a smart move. Sure, people know the name but its important to release music people identify with and I truly believe Aaron hit the nail on the head. The production is fantastic, songs are current and he does a good job with the both songwriting and the vocal performance.

Sure, it’s not a perfect EP but its a piece of work that has been worth the wait. ‘Fools Gold’ is the most commercial track on the record, which is why it was a great lead single, but I’m worried that the rest of the songs aren’t radio-friendly enough to be played on commercial radio. Sure, there’s a massive pop influence on the five-track EP but the dance element is a little overwhelming at times. I also wish the singer eased up on the autotune.

Despite this, Aaron did well. Very well. The EP is a perfect summer record. It’s clear that the singer pushed himself out of his comfort zone and the risk paid off. ‘LøVë’ is the comeback album we’ve been waiting for.

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