Matthew Mole has really kicked things up a notch with his new era. After releasing the smash hit singles ‘Run’ and ‘Holding On’, Matthew Mole has decided to slow things down as he picks ‘Light’ as the third single off his second studio album ‘Run’. However, I’m not entirely sure it’s the best single choice.

The singer is an incredible talent. Matthew has a really soulful voice that is able to touch a listener at their very core. It’s a voice that is so unique, so pure and so soothing that when paired with his emotional messages, fireworks spark. However, ‘Light’ masks that entirely with an excessive use of autotune. Pop music has turned people off autotune over the past few years and audiences identify more with raw, pure vocals – something Matthew has become a master of. So, although it’s still clear that Matthew has a strong voice on the track, the over-processing is off-putting.

However, it’s not all bad. Matthew’s essence and soul is still clearly found in the song. I love the lyrical content on the song and the mid-temp direction the singer took the song in terms of production. I can see why Matthew says the song is one of his favourite tracks on the album. “All I wanted with this song was to be honest about being a broken human being and work hard towards a solution,” the singer says. Truthfully, this is a beautiful song and one Matthew should be very proud of but unfortunately, the production makes it difficult to listen to and without it, it would be the perfect follow-up single.

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