Al Bairre, the local band behind hits such as ‘Bungalow’, ‘We Move On’ and ‘Caviar Dreams’ shocked fans around the country today when they announced that after five years together, they are officially dismantling the group and will play their last show together in April this year.

Taking to their Facebook page, the group shared the shocking news while revealing that they have a lot more they want to embark on in the years to come. “Over the last 5 years of ALventures (Al Bairre adventures), Al Bairre has introduced us to so many other things that we’re also passionate about and now curious to explore,” the band said. “Having achieved all the goals we set for ourselves over the last 5 years – we all feel like it’s the right time to try something new. So, it’s with a heavy, but happy heart that we wanna tell you that we will be ending the Al Bairre chapter of our lives, come mid-April.”

The group added that it just wouldn’t seem fair to go on these adventures and not give the group the time and effort it deserves. “Al Bairre has been the love of our lives for the last 5 years and we don’t feel right not giving her all the attention she deserves,” they continued. “We have all always agreed that when the time comes, we would rather want to give her a big final celebration and go out with a bang than leave her at home every day while we go off on our new adventures. She would eventually go pale, wrinkle up, start to stink and then die. And that’s not how we wanna see her go”

While the group have already made peace with saying goodbye to the group, it will be a little harder saying goodbye to the fans who have stood by their side all these years. “You made these past 5 years more magical than we could ever have expected. Like really,” the group said to their fans in the heartfelt post. “So, we just wanna say thank you for being so nice to us. You have always been our absolute favourite part of Al Bairre and we’re gonna miss you all a lot. Like a lot a lot.”

It’s not easy coming to a decision like this and we’re definitely going to miss Al Bairre and their music in the years to come. However, they have left us with a glimmer of hope hinting that we could expect a reunion tour in a decade. However, we don’t have to wait that long for new music. The band also revealed that they will be releasing two new songs before their final farewell which will hopefully make the goodbye a little easier.

I’d just like to say thank you to Al Bairre for the epic music, fantastic live performances and for being such rad guys. The industry will miss you.

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