The Supa Mega is back! It’s been a wild week for AKA. The rapper has released a romantic new single titled ‘Caiphus Song’. The song is scheduled to appear on the rapper’s highly-anticipated new album and his first in over three years.

I really like this song because it’s AKA as we have never seen before. The song is also a reflection of where the rapper is in his life right now and these raw, personal moments aren’t something we see very often from the star. The pop track continues AKA’s streak to melodic approaches when it comes to rap and the distinct direction is why he is able to crossover between pop and urban radio – gaining a whole lot of fans around the country. The song is lovely. The production is slick, the lyrical content is fire and it’s something fresh and unique.

“This is a song very close to my heart. It’s about fighting for a future with the one you love. I decided to call it “Caiphus Song” to honour him and the song “Matswale” which inspired me to write this at this particular point in my life and relationship,” shares AKA. Benza of Vth Season says “This is a beautiful love song and one of AKA’s most personal songs yet. Each line speaks volumes for his love and relationship. AKA’s musicality and ability to create a song like this may surprise some, but when I heard this for the first time, I went crazy. I was so excited. We at Vth Season believe it will resonate with all ages. This is the new age wedding song of note.” With Caiphus Song, AKA continues to push himself creatively which is why he is one of the biggest artists in the country right now.

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