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Review: Connell Cruise - Barely Breathing
3.5Overall Score

It’s been a year and a half since Connell Cruise dropped his EP ‘Into The Wild’, however, after months writing and recording in both the United States and South Africa, Connell cruised back with his fantastic comeback single ‘Congratulations’. The song did incredibly well on local radio and now, the singer is back with his second studio album ‘Barely Breathing’.

A lot has happened in Connell’s life over the past two years. He got married, moved to the United States and this is evident in the direction his music has taken. While still a pop album, Connell’s sound has matured a lot. The songs seem more personal and have more depth and it’s a clever direction to take. The lyrical content is often reminiscent of poetry rather than generic pop lyrics and Connell’s ability to create radio friendly hits using the deeper side of him is something special.

Connell has always been a strong vocalist and delivers another great performance. This time, however, he stretches his vocals further than we’ve ever heard before. Connell sounds more comfortable with his voice and manages to hit the high notes effortlessly on tracks such as ‘Congratulations’ and ‘Broken Dreams’ while showing off his raw, emotional side on ‘Untouchable’ and the haunting cover of James Bay’s smash hit ‘Let It Go’.

Honestly, I do feel Connell does play it a little too safe at parts. ‘Run & Hide’, although beautiful, reminds me almost too much of One Direction and I would have also liked to see the singer step outside of his comfort zone and experiment a little more sonically.

Despite this, ‘Barely Breathing’ is a strong comeback from the star. He is an incredibly talented musician and the proof is in the pudding. This album has been a long time coming and it has certainly been worth the wait. ‘Barely Breathing’ is available to download or stream now. Support local music and grab your copy today.

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