Josh Wantie burst onto the scene last year with his smash hit singles ‘Go Under’, ‘Fall Again’ and ‘Love Go Cold’ with The Kiffness and he’s bringing the heat again in 2017 as he joins forces with local DJ SA5H on a banging new track titled ‘Get Over Yourself’.

What I really admire about Josh Wantie is that he isn’t afraid to be a little different. Much like TiMO ODV, he’s almost got a moody vibe to his music and on ‘Get Over Yourself’, he explores this side of him a little more. SA5H delivers a strong production that despite sounding a little dated, adds to the artistic, moody sound Josh was gunning for. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure this will be the commercial success the artists are hoping for, however, their chemistry is undeniable and the two have created a solid pop track.

“’Get Over Yourself’ is actually a track written to myself to act as a reminder to not take myself too seriously and just have a good time. It’s important to keep your ego in check,” Josh says on the track. SA5H adds “I had some rough ideas’ for a track and I’m not a very good vocalist so that track just collected dust until I came across the Josh’s ‘Paper Crown’ EP on iTunes. I got in touch with him and rest is history. I still haven’t physically met Josh, but we have chatted a lot and I like the creative space from where Josh comes from.”

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