Deemo has fast-become one of the most exciting producers in South Africa. He had a hand in creating Kyle Deutsch’s smash hit ‘Can’t Get Enough’, Ryki’s ‘Time’ and Mathew Gold’s ‘Never Mind’ amongst others and now, he’s just released his debut single ‘All I Wanted’ through Sony Music Africa.

However, Deemo admits that he never really saw himself entering the music industry – despite being incredibly passionate about it. “My musical journey began rather late into my teenage years,” he admits. “Being a Muslim kid growing up, music was never something I could take up and it was never the plan, but the universe has its own way of working things out I believe.”

After dabbling with music, he met Sketchy Bongo and joined his Wolfpack collective. “Sketchy and myself go back many years,” he says. “He believed in me from the initial stages of my career and did all in his power to aid me as much as he could. He’s such a wonderful producer and, in my opinion, the biggest in the country right now.” He adds “Our bond is really strong and working with him is a dream. We’re both are constantly learning so much as we go along.”

Now, he’s behind some of the country’s biggest songs and is proud of how far he has come. “I’d like to think that my constant desire to new things within this music realm is what makes me different,” he says on what makes him stand out as a producer. “Trends come and go and I don’t want to be known for having a certain ‘style’ or ‘sound’. I am making music that makes me happy first.”

However, after releasing music for other artists, the producer is ready to step into the limelight as he releases his debut single ‘All I Wanted’. The song is a special one because it really showcases Deemo as an artist. Not only did he produce the single, but he sings on the track as well showing off just how diverse he is. “I was confused with which direction I wanted to take the song initially,” he admits. “I took the beat and lyric ideas to Sketchy [Bongo] who knew I could take the song to the next level.” After working on the track for a few weeks, the producer built on his ideas and created a beautiful love song with a modern twist. “I am so proud of the song,” he says. “I took an urban direction with the track and fused it with some 90’s-style synth lines, 808’s and energetic chords. Oh, and vocal chops – I love those!”

The song is playing on stations across the country at the moment and is building momentum on a daily basis. The response has been phenomenal and Deemo is excited for the future. Besides promoting his debut single, the artist is also working with Ameen Harron and Kaien Cruz as well as producing music for Kyle Deutsch and Shekhinah’s respective debut records – both due later this year. “I’ve also got a few live shows lined up,” he adds. “I want to bring my music to the masses and keep the momentum going. I’m excited about that.”

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