It’s been a year since Jimmy Nevis released the epic Sketchy Bongo-assisted single ‘All About It’ and six months since he released ‘Control-Alt-Delete’ – his collaboration with Opposite The Other. The singles were part of Xperia Mashlab and Coke Studio respectively. Besides the two collaborations, Jimmy has been in the studio working on his upcoming third studio album. Today, the singer dropped the lead single off the project – a song called ‘Don’t Wanna Fight’.

The single sees Jimmy pushing his creative boundaries more than ever before. The singer has always had a dark undertone to his music but still managed to remain commercial enough for pop radio. However, with darker pop music being on the rise locally (artists such as TiMO ODV and Ryki are dominating the airwaves), it seems Jimmy is keen to explore this side a little more. Jimmy sings about his humble beginnings and his desire to live a pure and honest life – one without the temptation that fame brings. Vocally, Jimmy slays it yet again. He continues to give a flawless performance on each track he releases which is really inspiring to see. The growth is clearly evident in this track and sets the tone for an album we can only assume takes a darker, more mature approach. The honest writing, impeccable production and strong vocals makes this the perfect single choice.

“It’s all about allowing yourself to be whoever you want to be and living life as honest as possible and take God wherever I go,” Jimmy says on the new single. The star also dropped the track’s music video which blends the dark sound and his religious passion together. It’s a beautifully shot piece of work and proves Jimmy is determined to release an exciting sonic and visual experience for fans with the new single. Jimmy never plays it safe and I’m pleasantly surprised with the new direction he has chosen to take making me very excited for the new era. The single is on iTunes and Apple Music now so support local music and get your copy.

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