Review: ISO - Polydimension
3.0Overall Score

ISO have always done things differently. They have always managed to stand out of the crowd and create something other acts just can’t seem to emulate. So, naturally, I was excited when the group dropped their brand new album ‘Polydimension’ late last year and after the group dropped the record’s lead single, ‘State Of Blue’, I knew we were in for something special.

The group took a strong rock and alternative direction on the album. Their approach oozes creativity, individuality and is an extremely exciting album to listen to. Sonically, this is the least commercial we’ve heard the group in ages and while it’s great to see how they’ve matured over the years, it does, unfortunately, hamper their ability to speak to a mass audience.

Despite this, I’m really excited about the direction the group has taken. Instrumentally, the group shy away from the electronic sound that dominated their previous records and rekindled their love for live instruments. The group left their comfort zone behind and pushed their creativity in such a beautiful way which almost sees them reinventing themselves as a band. Sure, the essence which we know and love is still clearly evident, but the album is something fresh and unique. From epic guitar riffs, fantastic drum-work and clever bass lines, the group has it all on ‘Polydimension’.

What’s a great album without some killer vocals, though? Richard Brokensha, the group’s lead singer, gives another stellar performance. His voice is so different to anything else in the local music scene and proves his versatility on this record. While know his voice does well in the pop genre, ‘Polydimension’ shows he is able to tackle a more alternative sound with ease.

Another exciting aspect of the album is the clever way it was put together. When listening to the record, a clear sound has been created by the group, however, each song offers something totally different. There isn’t a moment when a song sounds similar to another on the record. It’s extremely diverse. However, it’s calculated and clean – something not many artists seem to get right.

ISO have delivered another incredibly strong album. Sure, I don’t think it’ll be their most successful record nor will it be career-defining, but the album proves the group are incredibly talented. Sometimes allowing music and creativity to take over rekindles one’s love and passion for music and I have a feeling that this is exactly what happened here. Well done, boys.

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