After being nominated for a Ghoema Award and a Huisgenoot Tempo award for his debut solo album ‘Doodgewone Avontuur’, Len Muller started working on his highly-anticipated second studio album. Ahead of its release in July this year, the singer dropped the lead single from the project ‘Ek Glo’ – a song which stays true to the Afrikaans-acoustic style that made him famous.

Len is something different. His ability to mix acoustic sounds with pop music is spectacular and something that makes one sit up and take notice. ‘Ek Glo’ is a beautifully written piece of music. While the music seems to drown out Len’s vocals, it’s clear that the singer is talented. The song has all the necessary elements to become a smash and if this is any indication, Len’s upcoming album is going to be incredible.

“The song stems from a season where I had to take leaps of faith to fulfil my calling. Faith is what carried me through during this time,” the singer admits. “In a sense you could say that the song is an invitation to believe – to believe in a Creator that lays the path out for us and also to believe in the things that He placed within each one of us,”he says. “I wanted to write a feel-good song with a positive message that would inspire listeners to dance and be happy. I also hope to inspire people to cling to their faith, no matter what their circumstances are.”

The singer also released a beautiful video for the single. “Good friends of ours had a beautiful video made of their wedding day. A few years later, when they were expecting their firstborn, they did a pregnancy shoot at the exact same location. The idea with the video is to share the love story of a couple, who takes a big leap of faith every day. We wanted to show people that you can be happily married if you choose to take a leap of faith with the one you love,” says the singer. “I think that it is something that people need to see. I hope that it fills viewers with hope, especially those who are struggling in their relationship.” ‘Ek Glo’ is an excellent piece of work from Len and I’m very excited to see what else he has up his sleeve.

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