Josh Kempen is the newest face making waves on the local indie front. He has just released his debut album ‘The Morning Show’ via Warner Music South Africa which has spawned the hits ‘The River’ and ‘Pistol’. Now, he’s released the music video to his third single ‘Leave Me If You Can’ and a fantastic video to accompany it.

Here, Josh proves he is a rocker at heart. The track is beautifully crafted and an epic guitar riff which will ensure the song makes an impression on the listener. Josh’s smooth, velvety vocals give the song dimension and set him apart from the other indie acts making waves in the industry right now. The song is energetic and full of life and it’s great seeing this side of Josh – especially after the more emotional performance on his previous singles ‘The River’ and ‘Pistol’.

“This is a song about finding yourself in a relationship only because of the fear of being alone and the weight of a wonderful past you had together,” Josh says. “It’s saying; ‘there’s no way I’m strong enough to do this, and we can’t stop fighting, so why don’t YOU leave me if you can?’ and then, in the same breath, saying, ‘oh, remember this? Remember how good we actually are? So how could we possibly leave each other?”

The singer released a hilarious video to accompany the song which shows Josh on a downward spiral after breaking up with his significant as he turns to alcohol to numb the pain. “The video continues the story of this guy dealing with that crisis, but after his girlfriend just decided, ‘you know, you’re right and this is going to hurt, but it’s over’. It’s kind of a heart-breaking situation, but conveyed by DOLPH in a very sweet and tongue-in-cheek way,” he adds. The song is available on ‘The Morning Show’ which is available in store and on your favourite digital platform today.

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