Many of us are well aware that Kyle Worde is one of the most promising DJs in the country. Every weekend he lights up clubs and venues around the country on fire with his infectious beats and incredible DJing style. However, while he loves being a club DJ, becoming a radio DJ has also always been a dream of his – one that became a reality today as he joined Touch HD as the host of ‘The Rush Hour’ alongside Nina Masuku.

The show, which airs daily from 17h00 – 18h30, broadcasts after Tbo Touch’s drive-time show ‘The Touchdown’ and is expected to be one of the station’s premier slots. I spoke to the presenter ahead of his first show as he gives me an inside look at what we can expect on the slot, his passion for radio and why he is excited about joining the Touch HD platform.

We know you as club DJ and producer. What attracted you to radio?

Radio has always been a passion of mine, from the very get go. My passion for radio is what started it all for me in the DJ scene to be honest! The intricacies of connecting with people and sharing music with others on a platform bigger than any stage is the most exciting thing about it and where it has evolved to today!

Why do you think Touch HD is the perfect platform to make your debut as a radio DJ?

By day, I run a digital agency, so being able to share the same views on ‘DIGITAL’ and the evolution of content delivery, is what makes this partnership such an exciting space to be in!

The platform has grown so quickly in such a short space of time. Why do you think so many people are tuning in?

You know, if you look at a platform like Soundcloud, and the size of their following in this country alone, that speaks for itself. People want new content and they want it fast, on demand and on their mobile devices. Touch HD is exactly that. Breaking new music to listeners and sharing personal experiences with them too. The human connection will always be key, but the difference is the content and how Touch HD puts it out there.

Give us a little taste of what we can expect on ‘The Rush Hour’.

The Rush Hour is exactly as it’s named. 90 minutes of pure madness. Breaking new music from around the country and around the world as it drops. We’re also bringing conversation and exciting adventures to the YOUTH! Best believe, on Thursdays & Fridays, we’ve got some HOT live DJ mix segments on the way too.

Tbo Touch has inspired so many around the country. How has he inspired you?

Tbo Touch is unbelievable. From businessman to a national personality, I personally don’t think there’s anything he can’t do. It’s that outlook on life that he has that infectiously inspires anyone who meets him. It’s an honour to be working alongside such a great in this country!

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