There’s officially a new Fokofpolisiekar album on the way! Nine days ago, on the 22nd of March 2017, Fokofpolisiekar reached out to their fans to raise money for their first full length album in 11 years. Their target? Half a million rand. While a big feat, their fans came to the party and in only nine days, the group raised enough money to cover the album production and printing costs, music videos, marketing expenses and various other expenses.

In the process, the group shattered two Thundafund records as they raised the most money within 48 hours and also managed to raise the most funds for a music album in South Africa to date. “We were all ecstatic on Friday afternoon when we struck R500 000. The campaign kicked off with a bang and the funds just kept coming in. It was quite surreal at times. We are extremely grateful to our fans for their support. We are now more amped than ever to write a killer album,’’ says Francois van Coke.

Jaco S. Venter adds “We know that album sales are on an all-time low and that’s one of the reasons why we decided to go the crowdfunding route. To recoup the costs of an album these days is almost impossible, especially for a band that does not produce mainstream music.” So, besides the album pre-order route, the band also added some exclusive items and experiences for purchase in a bid to help them raise the money they needed.

As of today, Tuesday the 4th of April 2017, the group has successfully raised R570 000 and there are still 47 days left for people to back the project. However, it is very interesting to note that of the R570 000 raised, only 446 units of the upcoming album have been pre-sold. That amounts to only R61 580 of the R570 000 that has been raised by album pre-sales.

“It is crazy that album sales make up such a small portion of the money that we have raised. But, don’t get me wrong, we did not expect it to be any different. It just confirms the state of the industry and that we have gone the correct route. Imagine we spent R500 000 on this project and had to recoup that via album sales. We would have been screwed,” says Wynand Myburgh. Johnny de Ridder adds that ‘’We are extremely grateful to our loyal fans and the intense love they have shown towards the band. We did not expect to have raised this much in such a short time. Whether it was through selling T-shirts or signed posters, it was done and we are grateful. Now, let’s go for gold.”

Yup – now that the group has reached their target while still having over a month left on their crowdfunding campaign, the group have set a new goal. They would like their album to go gold (that’s 15 000 units sold) before the end of the campaign. In their 14 year career they have never had a gold record and would love to make this dream a reality. So, the band encourages everyone to take the step and back them by pre-ordering either the digital MP3 album for only R80, the physical CD for only R100 or the vinyl (a limited number is available at R350).

As another incentive, the group have promised that if they reach a target of R700 000, they will play a free show in Cape Town and will also play for free in Johannesburg if fans help them raise R800 000. Awesome, right?

Want to be a part of the action? Help the band by buying a copy of the album or some other epic merchandise here.

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