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Review: Susan Lewis - You Said Forever
3.0Overall Score

A great book that, unfortunately, doesn’t stand out.

Plot: Charlotte Goodman is living the dream. Surrounded by family, friends and a stunning vineyard overlooking the ocean, it would be difficult for anyone to believe that she has a troubled past. However, haunted by the theft of a young girl, Charlotte begins to realise the enormity of something she did many years ago, and soon finds herself having to make the most harrowing decision any woman would ever have to face.

Remarks: Susan Lewis has really got the hang of writing fantastic novels. Much like her many other books, ‘You Said Forever’ is another great piece of work. However, the book is a bit underwhelming from an author as talented as Susan Lewis. While a dramatic book with fantastic character development, the story seemed to lack that punch. There were many times when I felt the book dragged a little despite the fact that Susan told the story really well. Despite the problems with the storyline, this is another well-written book from the author. Unfortunately, it’s not one I am going to remember in the months to come.

Rating: 3/5

Published By: Penguin Random House

You Said Forever is out now at all good book stores.

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