Local muso, SEVVEN, may be new on the scene, but he is working hard at making an impact. After releasing his debut single ‘Forget Who We Are’ late last year, the singer has now teamed up with RADA Unearthed, the music division of the non-profit company RADA which focuses on rape, alcohol, drugs and abuse, to release his brand new single ‘Fight For Love’.

The power ballad is, as the title suggests, about people who are not afraid to fall and fight for love. The song is written and produced beautifully and SEVVEN does a fantastic job vocally. SEVVEN gives an emotional performance proving just how much the song means to him. “I think we are afraid of what we don’t know. Sometimes we hold onto ideas that aren’t the best ones, just because we are afraid to change our thinking,” the singer says about the inspiration behind the song. “This song, is about being brave, and fighting for that one thing that will always be the higher choice, which is love.”

The singer also released a beautiful video for the single. The video depicts the telling story of a blindness we all carry in our lives but are not aware of. We are so comfortable with how things are, even though they could be better. In the video, SEVVEN opens our eyes to a better world, a light that shines so bright it infiltrates the hearts of thousands. Similarly, this echoes the lyrics in the song, which suggests the importance to ‘Fight for Love’. This is a fantastic song from the singer.

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