Review: Louise Carver - Hanging In The Void
3.0Overall Score

Last year, Louise Carver joined forces with American DJ Joe Bermudez on ‘Sunrise’ – a track which would land up topping the Billboard Dance Charts. She also released her official comeback single ‘Lift Off’ which, despite getting some rave reviews, made a mediocre impact locally. Now, the singer is back with her sixth studio album ‘Hanging In The Void’.

Louise has one of the most interesting and captivating voices in the South African music space. She has taken the time to understand her voice and knows exactly how to use it. Naturally, the singer gives a stellar vocal performance on the record. It’s rare to find an artist who is able to both lift your spirits and give you chills so effortlessly and it’s what has set Louise apart all these years.

Lyrically, Louise tells her personal story on the record. Each and every line seems to have so much meaning to the singer who has used the art of music as her form of expression. What’s great is that the stories she tells are relatable and listeners are easily able to identify with the content.

Louise teamed up with the incredible Mark Beiling on the production on the album. The two worked on the album for around a year and a half and the hard work and dedication is heard loud and clear. The production is slick, powerful and impactful. The production compliments the emotional vocal performance and message Louise is trying to tell on the record and that’s what you hope to achieve when creating music.

After the success of ‘Sunrise’ and even ‘Days Go By’ – her collaboration with South African producers Pascal & Pearce – I’m a little confused as to why Louise opted for a more AC record. Sure, it’s a genre she thrives in, but it’s a predictable move. I’m not suggesting she release a dance album, but I would have liked to see her experiment a little bit more and step outside of her comfort zone. I think this would have helped her secure more radio-friendly singles while introducing her to a younger audience who, judging from the success of the abovementioned singles, would receive her music with open arms.

Despite this, if you’re a fan of Louise Carver, you’ll quickly fall in love with this album. All the qualities that set Louise apart shine through brightly on the record. While it’s not perfect, it’s a solid release from the singer and I’m very excited she’s back with new music.

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