When Locnville spent some time in the United States working on their new album ‘Taste The Weekend’ a few years ago, they made an unlikely friend in Aaron Carter. Much like the duo, who were reinventing themselves in the studio, Aaron was planning his musical comeback. He hadn’t released a piece of work since ‘Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)’ back in 2000 and spent a lot of time perfecting the new music he wanted to release. Aaron attended the WEG Compound and it was there where he met Brian and Andrew Chaplin (otherwise known as Locnville) and their love for music helped formed an incredible bond between the three.

The Locnville twins hit it off with the star thanks to their similar taste in music and it wasn’t long before they were experimenting in the studio together. “We met Aaron in Florida back in 2011 and spent quite a bit of time with him, he’s a genuinely good guy and it was fun spending time in studio with him. He’s always been really talented and I’m super glad to see him finally getting the love he deserves, his new music is great,” Brian tells us. Andrew adds “We hit it off pretty instantly and he became a good friend while we were there, we helped him out with some recordings and he did the same in return. I’m happy to see him coming up. He was working on some cool stuff last time we spoke.”

Aaron had some amazing things to say about the duo as well. “I have so much love for Locnville,” he tells us in an exclusive interview. “We made some music together, went out and had a great time. They’re such great guys. I really love their music.”

Now, after years of hard work, Aaron is finally back with new music. The singer blends electronic, tropical house and pop elements together in the most refreshing way on his new EP ‘LøVë’. ‘Fool’s Gold’, the lead single off the project, was met with critical acclaim and his latest single ‘Sooner Or Later’ is climbing up charts all around the world.

“I have always loved this genre of music,” Aaron admits. “I love producing and making it so it just felt like the perfect fit to explore that genre with my new music. I love the vibe and I put my own creative spin on it which makes it very original for me.”

We’re really impressed with Aaron’s new body of work. It’s clear that the singer pushed himself creatively and the risk paid off. ‘LøVë’ is certainly the comeback album we’ve been waiting for from the singer. Hopefully Aaron and Locnville will reunite in the studio again soon and release the collaboration we have all been waiting for. We have a feeling the result will be incredible.

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