Francois Van Coke has achieved a massive amount of success with his second solo album ‘Hierdie Is Die Lewe’. Singles ‘Mensdom’, ‘Klein Prys’ and’ Dit Raak Beter’ have all been well-received and now, as the singer continues with the promotion of the album, Francois dropped a powerful video for his new single ‘Die Wêreld Is Mal’.

After being the most downloaded song off the record without a marketing push or airplay, the song was the obvious next single choice. The song is a beautiful ballad which not only shows us a different side of Francois, but also just how beautiful and diverse his vocal is. In the song, Francois echoes the fact that there is only so many one can control and despite the world being crazy, sometimes the only thing you can do is let go and enjoy the ride. The song is special because it has a strong message of hope and love – something we as South Africans need at this point in time.

“Junk status, the downgrade of our credit rating, Zuma clinging to power, Donald Trump is the president of the USA, people are killing each other in the name of religion, nuclear threats from North Korea… The world has gone crazy, but hopefully the people close to us can keep us sane,” Francois says on the inspiration behind the song.

Francois is also getting ready to work on a brand new Fokofpolisiekar album. After reaching their goal of R500 000 in a crowd-funding campaign, Francois and the rest of the group will get into the studio in the next few weeks to record their highly-anticipated comeback album. It’s an album that has been in the pipelines for a very long time and we’re really excited to hear it when it drops in October.

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