Review: Trey Songz - Tremaine
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After releasing his fantastic album ‘TRIGGA’ back in 2014, Trey Songz has been hard at work in studio creating his seventh studio album. Now, after releasing the hits ‘Nobody Else But You’ and ‘Animal’, Trey Songz has dropped his new album ‘Tremaine’.

As expected, ‘Tremaine’ is another sexy record from the singer. With his smooth vocals, sexy melodies and lyrics about love, sex, and passion, Trey gives fans his signature sexy music. However, this time around, the album is more mature, deeper and more emotional as the singer sings about ditching his playboy ways in the hopes of falling in love. These days, cheating and a lack of emotion is, unfortunately, something common in relationships so it’s refreshing to see Trey showing off his softer side.

Everything from the lyrics to the production to the vocal delivery is different from the Trey we heard on ‘TRIGGA’. Three years since releasing his previous record, the growth is clearer than ever. A solid mid-tempo groove is found throughout the 15-track record which makes the album a unique chapter in Trey’s life and musical career. Despite the consistent sound, the album sounds whole rather than boring. Each song gives the listener something a little different and I’m glad to see Trey put so much thought and work into making this album a complete piece work.

This side of Trey is one you knew was there, but hasn’t been on full display like this before. It’s a completely different side of Trey we saw on ‘TRIGGA’ and I think that both records show the two different sides of Trey’s persona. ‘Tremaine’ wouldn’t be as great if ‘TRIGGA’ wasn’t the last album he released and vice-verse. The album is a clever well-thought out project which proves what an incredible musician Trey is.

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