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Review: Fast & Furious 8
4.0Overall Score

Another epic chapter in this massive franchise.

Starring: Vin Diesel and Charlize Theron

Plot: Now that Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are on their honeymoon, Brian and Mia have retired from the game, and the rest of the crew has been exonerated, the globetrotting team has found a semblance of a normal life. But when a mysterious woman seduces Dom back into a world of crime that he can’t seem to escape, the crew will face trials that will test them as never before.

Remarks: Fast & Furious 7 was a massive hit here in South Africa. In fact, it is currently the highest grossing film of all time in the territory so, the pressure was on to deliver a sequel that would top it – and Fast & Furious 8 has done the franchise justice.

This time around, Dom turns on his family – but for good reason. The story, although messy in the trailer, is exceptional. There is a very good reason why Dom turned on those closest to him and it’s great to see how the gang come to terms with the betrayal. It’s a story that keeps audiences hooked from the very first to the very last second and, after seven previous films, the franchise couldn’t afford to mess this up.

While I have never been a fan of Vin Diesel and his acting, the rest of the cast absolutely smashed it. However, The Rock and Charlize Theron are the clear standouts. The Rock is bigger and badder than I have ever seen him. He is massive and isn’t afraid to smash anything from his prison cell to his expensive car. Charlize plays the evil Cipher – a hacker which has a hold on Dom. Charlize oozes sex appeal in the film and takes on the role of the film’s villain effortlessly. In fact, she gives such a stellar performance that she easily outshines the rest of the cast. Her casting was superb and she adds so much value to both the film and the story.

Then, the film has all of the action you’re expecting and more. From epic race scenes, explosions, beautiful cars, submarines and wrecking balls, this film has it all. The cars this time around are exquisite and you’ll quickly fall in love with the array of vehicles put on display here. If you’re a petrolhead, you’re going to have to pick up your jaw from the floor on more than one occasion.

What’s a Fast & Furious film without an epic soundtrack? This time around, the music was great. Sure, it didn’t blow my mind like the Fast & Furious 7 soundtrack did, but there are some gems on the record – especially G-Eazy and Kehlani’s lead single ‘Good Life’.

Sure, following Fast & Furious 7 was going to be a struggle, but the film did a great job with this one. Make sure this is the film you watch this weekend. It’s an awesome continuation of the story and you will find yourself incredibly impressed when walking out of the cinema. In fact, I’m very excited to watch this film again.

Rating: 4/5

Fast & Furious 8 releases on the 14th of April 2017.

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