After the massive success of his comeback single ‘HUMBLE.’, Kendrick Lamar dropped his brand new album ‘DAMN.’ which quickly topped iTunes and streaming charts around the world. The record has been met with a fantastic response and many are already predicting the rapper will clean up at the 2018 Grammy awards. Now, just two weeks after releasing the debut single off the project, Kendrick Lamar has released the powerful video to his new single ‘DNA.’.

In the song, Kendrick explores how an impartial world views Kendrick’s blackness versus how he views his own – making it quite a powerful song. Kendrick goes back to the true essence of hip-hop – a form of expression and a platform to tell a story rather than focusing on cars, money and alcohol. In ‘DNA.’, Kendrick tells an important story. Not only does he speak about how rap music has been misrepresented by mainstream media but by fellow rappers as well. He digs deep into a topic that needs to be explored and does so in a brilliant, thought out way. His rhymes and rhythm is impressive and does a fantastic job on the song’s delivery over the slick beat from Mike-WiLL Made It.

The rapper premiered a powerful visual to go alongside the song. The track’s music video stars Don Cheadle as a cop who is interrogating the rapper. As he switches on a lie detector, he goes into a trance and raps the artist’s music back to him. The video also shows Kendrick partying hard, showing off his Grammys and living his best life. The song isn’t the best track on the album but it’s a raw, poetic release that is bound to do massive things in the world of music.

Meanwhile, ‘DAMN.,’ continues to break records. It currently holds the record for the most plays off an album in 24 hours, most simultaneous songs to break over 2 million streams off an album in 24 hours and most simultaneous songs in the Top 10 for an artist/album on Spotify – an impressive feat. Kendrick Lamar has done amazing things with this record and we’re excited about ‘DNA.’ being the next single off the project.

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