Nicki Minaj found herself in another public spat earlier this year, this time with Remy Ma. Remy dropped ‘shETHER’, a diss track aimed at Minaj. The seven-minute diss track starts off with “F**k, Nicki Minaj. Are you dumb?” and continues to take shots at the female emcee. Remy raps about Nicki’s supposed surgically enhanced butt, her failed relationship with Meek Mill, her rumored lyrical reliance on her ex Safaree, ghostwriter claims, allegations of sleeping around in the industry, and her support of her brother, who was recently involved in a child sexual assault scandal.

It wasn’t long before Nicki teamed up with Drake and Lil Wayne and responded to Remy’s diss on a track titled ‘No Frauds’. While she didn’t dedicate the entire song to her beef with Remy Ma, Nicki addresses the feud as she raps “Tried to drop Another One, you was itchin’ to scrap. You exposed your ghostwriter. Now you wish it was scrapped. “I never signed a 360, (expletive) you wild dumb. That’s why Jay ain’t clear his verse for your album. Sheneneh, you a fraud committin’ perjury. I got before and after pictures of your surgery. Rah took you to her doc, but you don’t look like Rah. Left the operating table, still look like ‘Nah.'” The rapper also calls her bad parenting out and her lack of sales.

Now, Nicki released the official video for the track. Both Drake and Lil Wayne feature in the video and although the song (her diss, at least) has been met with mixed reviews, the one thing I’m sure about is that this is an banger!

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