Review: DJ Clock - The Fifth Tick
4.0Overall Score

After releasing ‘The Fourth Tick’, which included the hits ‘Pluto (Remember You)’ and ‘All Night’, back in 2014, DJ Clock returns with his highly-anticipated follow-up ‘The Fifth Tick’. The album was preceded by the smash ‘Wolves’ featuring Prom Kings which became a massive crossover success and charting on commercial and urban stations across the country.

What’s special about DJ Clock is that he takes South African house music to the next level. The DJ takes the African elements that make the genre so unique and blends them with a more universal house sound and, ultimately, creates something not many DJs dabble in. It’s in this that his music is able to crossover to many music markets and ultimately reaches more people. The DJ spends a lot of time crafting each track and has ultimately created a proudly South African album with a twist.

The DJ teamed up with some incredible artists and songwriters on the record to ensure that the quality of music fans have come to expect to him is met. From ‘Saba Kufa’, a guitar-driven, maraca-laced, Mediterranean-inspired house song written by Chicco Twala to ‘Shoulder’ – a deep house track written by Kimosabe and ‘Wolves’, the pop banger written by DJ himself, each song offers something different. In fact, each track is so different that the record shows just how talented the DJ is.

DJ Clock also sourced and collaborated with some pretty impressive vocalists. While the beats are impressive, the featured artists use their strong, soothing vocal to make the songs shine. Much like the beats, each vocalist is so different from the other making ‘The Fifth Tick’ an interesting album to listen to. The only downside to the record is that some of the songs are too long. In fact, the average length of a song on the album is six and a half minutes and I found myself losing focus at times.

Overall, DJ Clock proves yet again that he is a force to be reckoned with. This is one the most diverse house records we have heard in a very long time and the star is undoubtedly going to impress many around the country with this impressive showcase.

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