I missed The Lumineers when they performed live for the first time in South Africa so I was thrilled when they announced that they would bring their Cleopatra World Tour to South Africa. Honestly, I’m not too familiar with their music besides singles ‘Hey Ho’ and ‘Ophelia’ and a few other songs here and there. However, the group are known as fantastic live performers and I knew this was a show I couldn’t miss.

Opening for the group was Opposite The Other – one of my favourite new local bands. The group are known for their hit single ‘Stutter Love’ and ‘Control-Alt-Delete’ – their collaboration with Jimmy Nevis. This group has something special. Although a new act, it was great to see them perform on such a big stage. They seemed comfortable on it – and the audience was reacting positively to their music. Their set was good despite the fact that they have never released an album. The group played their radio hits as well as some brand new tracks. I do, however, wish the group released a new single ahead of the show. They could have premiered it on 5FM (the show’s media partner and the platform the group was chosen to open for The Lumineers on) and the group could have driven audiences to purchase the song. ‘Younger’ was a song which really stood out for me and the one I think they should have released. Now, honestly, the group won’t be fresh in the audience’s mind when it comes to release day and it’s a bit of a wasted opportunity in my opinion.

After a short interval, the folk group from Colorado finally took the stage. They started the show with ‘Sleep On The Floor’ and the crowd went absolutely wild. After watching the band command the stage with their first few songs, I finally got the hype. What an awesome act to watch live! Wesley Schultz, the group’s lead singer, has such a captivating voice and you can’t help but be hooked on every word that comes out of his mouth.

After a few songs, the group switched things up a little by playing ‘Darlene’ in the middle of the Ticketpro Dome. What was cool about this was that for one song, the group were closer to the people in the back and gave them a better view for just one song. Wesley performed in the middle of the crowd as he made his way back to the stage and the crowd interaction during that moment was electrifying.

What impressed me the most, however, was just how much of an impact the group had on so many South Africans. Concert goers, both young and old, were belting out the lyrics to the songs. From friends singing along to lovers holding each other, it was a moment I remembered just how powerful music is. Naturally, the crowd was alive when songs such as ‘Ho Hey’ and ‘Ophelia’ were performed and having so many people sing back your music must have been such an amazing experience for the band.

The only disappointing thing about the show was the choice of venue. While the Ticketpro Dome improved on its sound problems, I couldn’t help but feel that the show would have been so much better at a botanical gardens or park. Greenery, sun, music, friends. I think it would have been a better fit considering the music the group release but, ultimately, The Lumineers put on a fantastic show.


1. Sleep on the Floor
2. Flowers in Your Hair
3. Classy Girls
4. Dead Sea
5. Charlie Boy
6. Darlene
7. Ho Hey
8. Cleopatra
9. Subterranean Homesick Blues
10. Angeline
11. Ophelia
12. Big Parade
13. Gun Song
14. Slow It Down
15. My Eyes


16. Long Way From Home
17. Submarines
18. Stubborn Love

Had such a good night watching @thelumineers live last night! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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