Review: Brendan Peyper - Hy Loop Oop
4.5Overall Score

After wowing South Africans with his debut album ‘Stop, Wag, Bly Nog ‘n Bietjie’, Brendan Peyper has returned with his highly-anticipated second studio album. The album features the star’s comeback single ‘Twee Is Beter As Een’ and cements Brendan’s position as one of the best pop stars in the country.

There is always so much pressure when it comes to releasing your second studio album – especially if the first one was so successful. It’s an album that can make or break a new artist and luckily for Brendan, it proves he has what it takes to become a massive star.

Brendan stays true to his roots on this album as he expands on the sound he explored on his debut release. He continues to dabble within with pop and country genres and does so beautifully. He has found the perfect way to blend the two genres he loves. Not only will this please staunch lovers of both genres but it is also the perfect format for radio play and makes for a great live show. Every aspect of the album’s production is well thought out and it’s great to see just how much effort has been put into this part of the record. The production is slick, crisp and of a high quality and a testament to how much the local music industry has grown over the past few years.

The singer gives a strong vocal performance on the album. It’s clear that the singer is more comfortable with his voice and has learned how to use its strengths and weaknesses. He’s got a lovely tone to his voice and it’s one that helps him stand out in a saturated Afrikaans pop market. Brendan also teamed up with some of the best songwriters to ensure that the songs are of the best quality.

The only thing I would have liked Brendan to do was push himself creatively a little bit more. The songs seem to follow a similar recipe and Brendan stays within his comfort zone. Despite this, the star has delivered a solid follow-up release.

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