Monark are quickly becoming my South African favourite pop act. The group released their new single ‘Broken’ earlier this year and as they prepare for the release of their new self-titled album on the 9th of June, the group have just dropped a hilarious music video for the pop track.

The video features frontman Eugene as a ‘mad scientist’ character who already has some screws loose, when a girl chewing bubble gum and blowing bubbles pushes him over the edge. From then on, he just starts breaking things: a pimp’s champagne bottle, punching people in the face, cocktail glasses, The Stig, piñatas, a TV etc. The video is beautifully shot. The group made sure the video was filmed at a high-quality, high-frame rate. This allows for epic slow motion play back which makes for great shots of the breaking and smashing.

“We wanted to show the light-hearted side of Monark. Broken is a fun song and it’s a fun music video. For a change there aren’t layered meanings – at least not overtly, and so the video portrays ‘Broken’ in the most literal sense. Going a little deeper, we’ve broken the ‘Monark’ mould to a degree, and the video is a change from all previous videos,” the band’s Graeme Wuth says.

Creating a unique video is something necessary at this stage of the game for Monark because the song also showcases a new sound for the band. It’s a more light-hearted take on pop music reminiscent of the sound Maroon 5 creates. Lead singer Eugene Coetzer does a great job with his vocal delivery and the melody is guaranteed to become an earworm. The song ticks all the right boxes which is why it’s become such a successful song for the group. If this is an indication of what’s to come on the new album, Monark could be releasing one of the best pop albums of 2017.

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