Last year, Afrikaans pop star Snotkop dropped one of his best albums to date – ‘HKGK’. The album included the hits ‘Cool Soos Koos Kombuis’ and ‘Hoe Lykit!’ and achieved platinum status here in South Africa. That means he has sold over 30 000 copies of the album so far! Now, the star has dropped the third single off the project – a song titled ‘Raak Vir My Rustig’.

The song is another tongue-in-cheek track from the singer. The song is all about taking it easy and enjoying life a little more. I love the way the song has an almost old-school sound to it but with major pop elements which make it sound relevant in 2017. It makes it relatable to both the young and old and it’s these small things that set Snotkop apart from his peers. Snotkop stays true to his almost comedic take on popular music and has released another banger.

The video compliments the song perfectly as well. The star compares the life of the hardworking older generation to those of young people who just want to party – and it’s bound to make you laugh. It’s shot beautifully and it’s an aesthetically pleasing visual. Now, I just need the singer to release ‘Jonk En Dronk’ as the next single and I’ll be happy.

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