Review: Willem Botha - Soen En Vergeet
4.0Overall Score

It’s been close to five years since the Afrikaans pop star released an album and now, Willem Botha has finally dropped his new album ‘Soen En Vergeet’. The album’s lead single and title track proved to be a massive success and helped the album shoot up the iTunes top 10 on the day of release. The album has been years in the making and the effort shows.

The 14-track album is a solid pop record. From catchy hooks, simplistic beats and jam-packed with love songs, Willem gives his fans the album they’ve been waiting for. Willem comes from a reality show background so it’s no surprise that he delivers a strong vocal performance on the record. His vocal is incredibly diverse and manages to deliver a world-class performance on the bangers and ballads effortlessly.

Willem wrote most of the songs on the album himself which is a major reason the album is so impressive. Not only does this make the album more authentic as Willem tells the story he wishes to share through the music, but he also understands his voice and how to use it effectively. The album also showcases the star’s talent for songwriting. It’s not easy writing catchy, yet meaningful, pop songs but Willem did a fantastic job in this regard. The star also teams up with Lee Scott and Kristen Raath on two of the tracks who each add their own flair to their respective songs.

Another important aspect Willem nails is the album’s production. The star sings over crisply produced beats and slightly updates his sound to a more 2017-friendly sound. While this is ultimately a pop record, the star’s love for country subtly peeks through on a variety of tracks – making this an interesting listen. Although country and pop is a common crossover for Afrikaans musicians, Willem does this in his own unique way. This solidifies his status as one of the biggest pop stars in the country.

Willem is back with another fantastic pop record. Each track has the potential to be a single and the years of hard work have definitely paid off for Willem. This is easily one of the best pop records of 2017 so far.

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