Local indie pop group Desmond and the Tutus drop their very first remix album this week. The 8-track album features mixes of fan favourites such as ‘Teenagers’, ‘Boogie Man’, ‘Lazy Bones’ and ‘Pretoria Girls’. With the help of producers such as Haezer, Faze Action and Bittereinder amongst others, the songs we know and love are given new life. The reimagining is great and after listening to some of these tracks, I can totally see the group dropping an electronic single next.

Enjoy Yourself: The Remixes Tracklisting:
1. Boogie Man (Faze Action Remix)
2. Pretoria Girls (Bittereinder Remix)
3. Teenagers (feat. Jonny Joburg)
4. Roll Me Out (LT Remix)
5. Tearing Up (Haezer Remix)
6. Teenagers (Soundhog Remix)
7. Lazy Bones (UPZ Remix)
8. Teenagers (King of Town Remix)

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