Black Motion have cemented themselves as one of the biggest dance acts in South Africa. The group’s current single ‘Imali’ is one of their biggest hits to date and resulted in their new album ‘Ya Badimo’ selling 15 000 copies and going gold in just six weeks. This week, we chat to the duo about their new album, working with Bucie on her hit single ‘Rejoice’ and why they think dance music is so popular in South Africa.

Your new album ‘Ya Badimo’ is a massive hit and recently won a South African Music Award for Best Dance Album. How is this album different from the previous albums you’ve released?

The album is based on what we have experienced throughout our lives so far as well as what we have learned throughout our travelling around Africa. The album has an African theme from start to finish and that’s why we decided to name it ‘Ya Badimo’.

The album went gold just six weeks after release. Why do you think South Africans identify with your music?

We think that the fans see the hard work that we put into the album both performance and production-wise and it’s made them really appreciate the music we create.

‘Imali’ is taking the country by storm. What inspired the song?

The song was inspired by “child maintenance”, if we can put it like that. If you listen to the song, the lady (Nokwazi) speaks about how she needs money to support her children. In essence a lot of our African brothers tend to neglect their children and we wanted to put out the message that it’s not okay the only way we know how – through house music.

You’ve worked with some incredible artists on your SAMA-winning record. Which collaboration pushed you outside of your comfort zone and why?

We like to challenge ourselves in terms of music and everyone we worked with challenged us in a way. We believe that working with people outside our comfort zone gives our music an x factor of sorts.

You also appear on Bucie’s smash hit ‘Rejoice’. What was it like working with her and what do you think makes the song spectacular?

It was fun. She is a hard worker and strives for perfection and the chemistry was on point. We made magic in the studio and we’re glad South Africa has responded so positively.

How did Black Motion come to life?

The two of us first met back in 2010 in Soshagunve and hit it off. We started messing around in the studio and making music together and as they say, the rest is history.

Dance music in South Africa is incredibly popular. Why do you think the genre speaks to so many people around the country?

House music comes from the streets of the township and has deep roots within our culture. We believe that music speaks more to the body and soul and even more so through dance which is why so many people listen to that genre of music.

Black Motion is easily one of the most successful dance acts in South Africa. What is your recipe for success?

It’s easy. Work hard and stay humble.

What advice do you have for up and coming producers around the country?

If there’s one piece of advice we could give anyone is don’t try and copy anyone else. Always stay true to your music.

What do the next few months hold for the group?

We’re working on a lot more local and international shows as we continue to promote the record.

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