The 4DX concept has taken the country by storm. It’s a new, exciting and immersive way to watch your favourite blockbusters and after four successful launches, Nu Metro opens its fifth 4DX theatre at the popular Emperors Palace on the 9th of June 2017. The 84-seat cinema will add exciting 4DX effects to films to target all senses (such as wind, motion, water spray, scent and lightning) in the state-of-the-art new cinema.

This new 4DX cinema at Emperors Palace is the second such cinema for Johannesburg, the third for Gauteng and the fifth 4DX cinema in South Africa. Nu Metro initially opted to release five 4DX cinemas but due to the overwhelming demand, it’s planning to open more theatres in the months to come. As it stands, South Africa has one of the highest densities of 4DX cinemas in the world and Nu Metro offers the cheapest 4DX tickets in the world.

“As one of our most popular cineplexes, Nu Metro at Emperors Palace is located within one of South Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. 4DX will give local moviegoers, and visitors wanting to experience this very unique and exclusive cinema outing, an opportunity to view movies on a whole different level. These world-class cinemas add a new dimension to popular blockbusters, to establish a one-of-a-kind trip to the movies. 4DX transports the viewer to get as close to experiencing the action on-screen as you can get!” explains Nitesh Matai, Nu Metro Cinemas: Managing Executive.

Emperors Palace is excited about the new cinema opening up in its complex as it is expected to attract thousands of excited movie goers to the venue. “We are incredibly excited about the launch of 4DX at Nu Metro Emperors Palace. This is the next step in cutting-edge cinematic technology and we’re thrilled to offer this extraordinary multi-sensory cinema experience as an additional entertainment option to our visitors”, comments Dave Milne, Peermont Hotel and Resort Executive.

Nu Metro’s 4DX cinemas feature seats that move in sync with every single scene of action on-screen, driven by a sophisticated, computerised Servo motoring system in each seat (not hydraulics), allowing for realistic movement simulations – from racing a crash-car to falling through the sky or drifting on the ocean. Cinemagoers can feel the wind in their hair, they can feel sprays of water or blasts of air hitting them from specialised effect systems installed in front of them, and they can smell the scent of the scenes on-screen – from flowers to burning rubber, the ocean or a fire – and be moved around in their seat to become a part of the movie itself. Filmmakers work in close conjunction with the 4DX team of innovators to encode effects that not only makes for an exciting, visceral movie joyride, but which also represents the creative vision of the film’s director and producers.

I was one of the first to experience this exciting new way of watching movies and all I can say is that you’re in for a treat. If you’re really looking for an immersive experience, there is no other way to go but 4DX. The films do, however, come at quite a hefty price. At R175 a ticket, it’s an extremely premium service. However, this is something you should do at least once in your life. It will change the way you watch movies forever.

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