Local musos, Monark, took the local music scene by storm earlier this year when they dropped their comeback single ‘Broken’. Now, the group has finally dropped their brand new album and it’s one of the most exciting pop records of the year so far.

The group’s growth is clear. On the new album, Monark explore a new direction with regards to their sound and production. The music they enjoy has changed a lot since the release of their first album so, naturally, the album is influenced by these changes. Now, the group has released an album with more intricate layerings which is a little darker, more broken down and less saturated. Naturally, the hooks and catchy melodies fans have come to love is featured all over the record.

On the decision to self-title the record, the band admits that “We wanted to make an impact and remove any distracting clutter around who we are and what we are doing. We wanted to make the point that ‘This is Monark!’ – clean, simple and to the point with no labyrinth of of layered meanings to lessen the impact of the music.” The band adds that “Fans can look forward to a wide range of styles, with a good hook at their core. There are songs inspired by West African grooves to Drake and Kendrick Lamar hooks and melodies, to straight ahead pop songs with a Chainsmokers and Coldplay feel, and probably a bit of a Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ influence. Interesting, intricate, yet accessible.”

MONARK Track Listing:
Lonely Light
You Lie
Here’s To the Fun
Show Me The Love
Sake of Our Love (feat. Ryki)
Hold On
Show House

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