After an incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign which saw the group raise over R1 million towards the creation of their upcoming record, Fokofpolisiekar has officially titled the record ‘Selfmedikasie’.

“The band’s main lyricist, Hunter Kennedy, wrote a song with the word “selfmedikasie” (self-medication) and it became a working title for that song, bassist Wynand Myburgh explains. “When we started looking for a name we wanted to think out of the box and not pick a song title for the album, but eventually, like with the other album titles, ‘Selfmedikasie’ stuck because we felt that it was the strongest name.”

Wynand adds that “Fokofpolisiekar has always been a form of self-medication for us as its members. We originally write this music for ourselves and we usually ask ourselves “what do the five of us like?” and “What would we like to listen to?” If all five of us agree that it makes sense to us and we like how it sounds, then it becomes a song. So physically, as well as spiritually, Fokofpolisiekar has become self-medication for us and we think the same goes for our fans.”

Now that the album creation process is well underway, the group is quickly getting ready for the album’s 3 October 2017 release date. Naturally, the recording process has been an exciting one for the band. “I feel blessed to have been able to be involved with so many recordings over the years, but super blessed to be working on the third Fokofpolisiekar album 14 years since we formed the band,” Wynand adds. “Super massive thank you to everyone for the support over the years. You give the music a life of its own. I am really getting into this album and, dare I say, that I think it is by far the best Fokof material to date.”

Meanwhile, as promised, the group will be playing their free show in Johannesburg this week. Stones & Gold, Howie Combrink, The Sextons, Made for Broadway and WONDERboom will be joining the group for an epic show at Rumours Rock City in Cresta this Sunday the 18th of June. Doors open at 13h30 and Fokofpolisiekar will take to the stage at 18h00.

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