It’s been 15 years since Shania Twain has released a single so when she announced that she was making her highly-anticipated comeback this year, fans around the world went crazy. Now, we’ve finally got a taste of her brand new music. Ahead of the release of her upcoming album ‘Shania Now’, which drops everywhere on the 29th of September, the singer has released the record’s lead single ‘Life’s About To Get Good’.

The 51-year-old delivers the perfect comeback single. The music industry has changed a lot since her previous released and Shania does an epic job modernizing her sound. While the song is still a country banger, Shania has always blended pop elements into her music and that remains true. Vocally, the superstar sounds better than ever and reminds us just how much of a talented vocalist she is. In fact, the song is quick to open up the floodgates and remind us just how incredible Shania Twain is as an entertainer.

In a new interview, the singer opened up and gave a little insight into what inspired the song. “I was thinking, ‘OK, what is life about?’ I was being kind of serious; I was reflecting: Life’s about joy, life’s about pain, life’s about this, life’s about that,” the singer says. “Then all of a sudden: ‘Life’s about to get good’. And I thought, ‘What a great play on words! How fun is that? Who uses ‘about’ as a play on words? I’m sure no one’s ever written that before and I was all excited.” She adds “I’m just so happy that this song ended up being the first single. You know, it was a tough decision… It’s hard for me to be objective, but I want people to feel how good this song can make them feel and appreciate the story in it.” The song is a solid comeback single and it’s made us even more excited for the country superstar’s upcoming record.

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