Ever since Daniel Baron dropped his number one hit single ‘Children of the Sun’ last year, we’ve been waiting for his new album – and it’s finally here. After months of writing and recording, Daniel has finally dropped his third studio album ‘Weekend Of Mass Destruction’. The album breaks boundaries. Daniel leaves the pop space he has dominated for years and takes a dance approach – a risk that has totally paid off.

However, even within the dance space, Daniel Baron does a whole lot of experimentation. The star explores a variety of African, Middle Eastern and tribal sounds within the dance space making ‘Weekend Of Mass Destruction’ an incredibly interesting album to listen to. It’s an intricate but fearlessly crafted masterpiece.

“I have never been as proud of anything in my life as I am of this album,” Daniel admits. “I have never worked this hard. I’ve put everything behind this project, and I have all faith in it. My only goal with this, is prove that music can create peace and love, and bring enemies together in one dance.”

Weekend Of Mass Destruction is available right now exclusively on iTunes and Apple Music. Support local music and grab your copy for only R79,99.

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