Oshri has done big things ever since he won Trace Urban’s ‘Trace Stars’ back in 2014. The Israeli singer moved to South Africa a few years ago and has been working hard to dominate the local airwaves ever since. The hard work paid off. Since winning the show, he secured a management deal with Akon in the United States and lives between Cape Town and New York City.

Now, the singer has teamed up with another local gem, Jimmy Nevis. The two recently joined forces to record their new single ‘Bad Reputation’ and have just dropped an epic music video for the track. The song is a dark piece of pop music reminiscent of the Jay Sean’s early days. Oshri delivers an incredibly strong vocal performance reminding us why he took the ‘Trace Stars’ title. The production is sexy, mysterious and alluring – a clever direction for a song like this. Instead of going with a rap feature, Oshri teamed up with local crooner Jimmy Nevis. Jimmy also gives a sultry vocal performance as he continues to make his mark on the local music industry. Their voices blend nicely together and the direction of this feature was something different and refreshing.

The song is a step in the right direction for Oshri. He shines in this genre and seems incredibly comfortable. It’s also very different to his previous hit single ‘Crazy But Free’ and it’s great to see the singer experimenting with his sound. Oshri and Jimmy recently dropped a beautiful video for the track. It’s shot beautifully and uses the soundtrack to help tell a story – something I enjoyed. Oshri is proving that he has what it takes to make music on a global platform. The song is available on iTunes now. Make sure you support local music and grabbing a copy for only R9,99 today.

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