There have been a few monthly subscription boxes making their way around the internet lately. Everything from meat to veggies to juices can make their way to you on a monthly basis with a simple click. It’s a great way to ensure you’re fully stocked up without those painful trips to the mall. SweetieBox is the newest monthly subscription box on the market and they sent me my very own box to experience their sugary goodness.

What’s special about SweetieBox is that they introduce you to a whole bunch of local and internationally sourced sweets. Each month the SweetieBox experience is taste tested by a team of sweet connoisseurs who curate each month’s new box ensuring a balance of tastes and textures. So, while every month you get something different, your world is open to a whole lot of new sweeties! Oh, and this doesn’t include the everyday Cadbury sweets that are available everywhere. I really like this idea because I’m all for trying new things and although I could see why this would be a turn-off for some people (who would probably prefer to order something they’ve discovered and enjoy), I think it’s a different approach and is the best decision for a new business.

Boxes are shipped on the 7th of each month, if this falls on a weekend or public holiday they will be shipped the next working day. Once shipped, deliveries usually take between 1 – 3 working days. The boxes are quite large and at only R269 per month excluding delivery, the value for money is there.

I’m really excited about this concept and fell in love with the box they sent me. I’m all for brands thinking outside the box and I have a feeling SweetieBox and I will develop massive feelings for each other.

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